Will there really be a Robin Hood sequel?


Last week a report in the Scottish Daily Star indicated that Russell Crowe and Sir Ridley Scott would like to do a follow-up to Robin Hood. It seems the heritage village of Duncarron in Carron Valley is a desired shooting location but plans for wind turbines in the area could scupper plans.

It appears Russell Crowe has been a long time supporter of the area and has recommended it as a potential filming location. So links to the rumours seem quite legitimate, but is a Robin Hood sequel really on the cards?

Well, at the time of the film’s release, Sir Ridley Scott openly left the door open stating that the period and genre were something that particularly intrigued him. The film itself ends with the credits ‘The Legend Begins’ so the possibilities of a sequel are nothing new.

We then need to think about what a potential sequel might look like. Well firstly, credit to Scott, Crowe, Blanchett et al for the original movie. Taking on the concept with all the films that had gone before was a risk in itself for me. For the first time too the legend was placed in a proper historical context with references to Richard the Lionheart fighting the crusades and actually not returning to save the day.

The other great thing about the movie is that Robin Hood is finally portrayed as a real individual, not the romantic hero of Kevin Costner nor the fanciful action hero of Douglas Fairbanks or Errol Flynn. This for me is where there could be further opportunities to explore.

It is quite often Robin Hood’s character that defines him and his role as an outlaw. Crowe was not identified as an outlaw in the film, although he does take on someone else’s identity. The real Robin Hood would have been an outcast and in the dangerous times that he lived among during King John’s rule, he would have faced his own mortality regularly.

The Scott and Crowe partnership could take on this aspect of the legend within the context of a real individual to great effect. Crowe’s characterisations in Gladiator and Beautiful Mind have been outstanding and Scotts own epic productions speak for themselves.

Yet we have to remember that this essential partnership is ageing, Scott is 74 and Crowe 47. It appears too that Scott has an interest in returning to the Sci-Fi genre with production opportunities of Forever War and Brave New World. As for Crowe, we will only have to see whether Robin needs to be portrayed as a young swashbuckling hero and whether this perception can be challenged.

For me, these give the chances of a sequel long odds but as a Robin Hood fan it doesn’t stop me from thinking that it might not be over yet.

Posted on 19 March 2012
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  • Like the dark knight and movies alike there needed to be closer. I see the newest robinhood in the same light. He opened the door for a sequel. there has to be some sort of closer in this insance also. to coincide with the real history and the mention of the magna charta. I know that its a new spin on an old tale. more realistic and less epic than the others. It would be a shame to not persue it once more to the true historian like myself

    Posted by William
  • Ithink they should do a follow up . The way they did the robin hood movie was very interesting and I am sure the sequel will work just as well.

    Posted by carolyn heckathorn
  • I have been a huge fan of Robin Hood. The Crowe version is my personal favoriate and I would love to see a sequel I think the way it is portrayed is the best way in that it shows a more human side of the legend that is Robin Hood. It brings into a more perspective that was unexplored and brings more of a true life hero closer to home. Sir Scott and Crowe give us a more entertaining aspect in that it stays closer to the time.

    I appreciate you reading this

    Posted by Drew
  • It is hard to imagine that a sequel will not happen, since the story lines could be endless.

    Posted by David
  • This is my favorite Robin Hood movie. Russell Crowe did a great job. I loved his character and how he portrayed it. My thoughts when I first watched it was that he was a little mysterious on who he really is. I was drawn in by his character. I loved his relationship with the Merry Men. The bond the Merry Men had together was fun to watch. Would loved to have seen more of the joking and songs. Cate Blanchett was really good as Lady Marion. She was beautiful but yet had a toughness to her. I liked the way they showed how hard the times were for the people and how Lady Marion got right in there and helped. She worked and did physical labor to help out with her own home and community. I also loved how the writers had Robin and Marion’s relationship grow in the film. Well done! I watched the Directors Cut and really liked what was added. There was two more scenes that I really liked. The first one: Robin helping Lady Marion and the ram out of the puddle. I thought that was cute and funny. The second was the forest scene with the boys capturing Robin and then Robin saying to Marion, ” I’ve come to rescue you” (funny stuff). Too bad they have to make cuts out of film to make it all fit, but I guess that is something they have to do. I searched the website to find out if there will be a sequel and found this website. I hope Ridley Scott will be willing to do the sequel. Hope that the entire cast will come back. It wont be the same if they dont. Maybe you could have an influence on them doing a sequel.

    Posted by Carol
  • I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched this movie. It has become my all time favorite movie. The relationship that grows between Robin and Marion is wonderful to watch, and critics of this movie just don’t understand how wonderfully touching it is to see that kind of portrayal of love growing slowly and softly.
    Hopefully there will be a sequel.

    Posted by Rita
  • Russell Crowe is definitely one of my favorite Robin Hoods. I liked the realistic version Scott and Crowe made. It really deserves a sequel considering Robin is pretty much an outlaw for the rest of his life due to King Richard’s death and I would love to see where they story goes from there.

    Posted by Andrew
  • Personally I think the age of the pair is a moot point. Crowe is in great shape, and with 5 movies at least that year alone I have no doubt he can handle the strain. That and he portrayed a much more real robin hood than those before. The world has past the point of demanding pretty young boys playing men in exchange for rugged believable warrior types, which I think we can all agree Crowe has that down pat. And Scott, despite being in his 70s is certainly not on death’s door (besides don’t they give the rich and famous wonder drugs that cure cancer and allow them to live for 100 years?). I’ve heard a lot of flack about the first movie from critics who I doubt have the brains or patience to really judge epics. Regardless I would love to see them finish the story they started. And for those who will bicker and the liberties taken, remember robin hood is more myth than history, the name taken from one man and the deeds from several. And the supporting cast of some of the best medieval movie and series b listers sprinkled with some of the greats only add to my wishes to see some more. Was this the best Ridley Scott movie ever? No. However it certainly stands above the other robin hood movies in both quality and epic telling, even though Prince of thieves was in it’s own way a great retelling. I wonder why those who bashed this for it’s liberties never say anything about how much farther off that one was. Also making robin a mere soldier level archer rather than noble knight certainly fits the legendary skills the hero supposedly had. Would a knight trained in horsemanship and blade mastery be such a crack shot with a yew bow? Probably not.

    Posted by andrew love
  • Best Robin Hood movie of all time…and believe me i have seen them all. It would be a shame not to make another one developing Crows character even farther. He did a beautiful job with this movie and i for one would pay this time to see the sequel. Way to go Russel Crow.

    Posted by steven satriano
  • My favorite film version. The chemistry between Crowe and Blanchett was awesome. I do hope they will do a sequel with those two. I loved the soundtrack too.

    Posted by Edward

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