We talk to McBusted ahead of their new UK tour


McBusted were recently in Nottingham to promote their up-and-coming UK tour, which includes a couple of dates at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena! A coming together of two hugely popular boy bands, Mcfly and Busted, they’ve joined forces and are writing music together to share with their world wide audience. Myself and my colleague Kinga went along to have a chat with the band and see what we can expect from them on the tour, plans for the future and to uncover a few secrets about what they love about Nottinghamshire!

Have you got anything special planned for the Nottingham audience?

Matt – We’ve imagined we’re fans of McBusted, so we’ve done what we would want to watch and hear as a fan of the band coming to see us perform.

Danny – And, we might be bringing a world record to Nottingham that could be set on this tour – but we can’t tell you what it is yet!

What is the Capital FM Arena like as a venue to perform in?

Matt – This is a cool arena and it’s definitely one of the best to perform at. It’s also always good to come back to places we performed at as Busted and re-visit them. You get a good feeling from this arena. When you come back to an arena you played at 10 years ago, you find it has a good vibe to it and this one definitely does.

Danny – When you walk down the corridor you can see the stage, you can see what’s going on before you go out, I quite like that. When you’re backstage you’re sometimes blocked off from the crowd but you’re not here. You can see the fans and I like that. It helps settle a few nerves too. 

Our beautiful selves and even more beautiful McBusted.

Our beautiful selves and even more beautiful McBusted.

What can we expect from the tour?

Matt – You can expect the best hits from both bands (Mcfly and Busted) but also some new songs and future classics from McBusted.

What did you learn from your first tour as McBusted?

Danny – This is the second time around for us now so we’ve learnt a lot from the last tour, things such as how the set list works and how we all fit in and move when we perform. Everything is a lot smoother this time around – the engine has some oil in it now. We also have a theme this time, last time it was just anything that’s exciting, but it’s nice to be able to build the show around a theme.

Matt – Last time we didn’t know what THIS was, we were experimenting, really.

Do you have any stand-out memory of Nottingham that you could share with us? 

Harry – We played here as McFly the day after my first kiss with my wife. She was in the orchestra during our McFly tour and that’s how we met. It was the end of the tour here in Nottingham and it took me that long to approach her.

We know that Harry likes to pop down to Nottingham for cricket at Trent Bridge (having bumped into him in 2013 at the ashes here). Are there any other attractions that any of you like to visit in Nottinghamshire?

Harry – I’ve been to Trent Bridge loads of times, I love it there, it’s a beautiful ground. I was at the Ashes in 2013 with my dad and my brother and will probably be there again this year for the Ashes in 2015. 

James – I used to go on holiday here when I was a kid. Me and my parents used to stay in Center Parcs. We’ve been there for couple of weekends and I remember riding a bike around Sherwood Forest. I’m familiar with the legend of Robin Hood but I think all of the bands who come to Nottingham mention Robin Hood. He took from the rich and gave to the poor!

The theme of your tour is video game culture of the 80’s. With that in mind, could you tell us what your favourite video game is of all time? 

Harry – Sim City for me, I used to use the cheats though. 

Danny – I’m a Fifa man, I’m solid on Fifa. We used to be addicted to Project Gotham, and Fuzion Frenzy too. 

James – Qbert, Insector X and Virtua Tennis which is a bit later on and not so retro but I did like it. 

Tom – Call of Duty is what I play now. Other than that Sonic II, Halo and Dactyl. I’ve got a  Nintendo 64 and a Megadrive at home.

Matt: I’ve never been into video games to be honest.

McBusted being interview by NottsTV.

McBusted being interview by NottsTV.

Do you plan to perform any international tours in the near future? 

James – As a part of the tour promotion we’re going to Japan and to Australia.

Matt – After UK tour we’re open to anything really. We’ll be deciding where to go next after the UK tour ends, and we’re hoping to go to all kinds of places. We hope everywhere is on the list.


We had a brilliant time interviewing McBusted at the Capital FM Arena here in Nottingham. The guys are really excited about the tour and looking at the theme and everything they have planned, we expect it to be a huge success with their fans.

And, the boys from McBusted had one final message they wanted to share with all their fans out there ahead of their Nottingham dates…


The band are performing two dates at the Capital FM Arena, and tickets are still on sale for both their shows on the 18th and 19th of April 2015. The tickets are selling fast so make sure you book now to avoid disappointment!


Posted on 06 February 2015
Featured author: Tom

Nottingham lad who’s a proud Notts County fan, cheese fiend, chocaholic and loves travelling and music.

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  • Wow they said ONE DAY IN NOTTS IS NEVER ENOUGH! Go team!

    Posted by Sarah

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