Pokémon hunt in Nottinghamshire


The world is in the midst of Pokémon fever and Nottinghamshire is proving to be a hot spot for Pokémon trainers, with the little creatures being spotted at several locations in both the city and county. And as we’ve got a few avid Pokémon trainers in our office we decided to share our Poké-knowledge and top hunting tips with everyone out there who wants to go catch them all.

There have been confirmed reports of water Pokémon sightings at the Holme Pierrepont Country Park including Psyducks, Shellders, Staryus and plenty of Magikarps with high CP to evolve into your very own Gyarados, roaming around the stunning grounds of the Country Park. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by the Country Park Café where you can claim your free Pokémon Trainer Map with the list of all PokéStops, Gyms and areas of the rare Pokémon sightings. Don’t miss out on this great chance to grow the number of rare Pokémon in your Pokédex!




If you’re nowhere near Holme Pierrepont Country Park head to the stunning Attenborough Nature Reserve, you’ll be able to catch a bunch of water Pokémon there too, and while you’re at it enjoy the beautiful outdoors and wildlife. Be sure to bring a blanket and a picnic to make a great day out of it.

image2 image1

If you’re in the city centre make sure you explore the Lace Market and Hockley area. Between noon and 2pm the Lace Market is full of Lure Modules set up everywhere you turn. You won’t even have to walk too far, just find a good spot between two Lures and wait patiently, the Pokémon will come to you. There are also rare Pokémon around Motorpoint Arena (which is also a Gym) – last week we caught an army of Krabby’s, a few Psyducks, a Jynx, a Snorlax, and a Squirtle there.

motorpoint arena pokemon


Our office on Baker Gate, which is just a short walk from the Motorpoint Arena, is where Slowpokes hang from the ceilings and you bump into Gastly in the door way. We bet there are plenty of them outside the building too so be sure to walk back that way.

pokemon oficepokemon office1

As you head towards the heart of the Lace Market you’ll notice a PokéStop at St Mary’s Church, the largest remaining medieval building in the city of Nottingham, where you can stock up on those very important Poké Balls, Potions to heal your monsters after the Gym battle at the Motorpoint Arena and Revives for future confrontations. You may want to stop by Annie’s Burger Shack just next to the St Mary’s Church to refuel on one of their famous burgers, and you may catch a few more Pokémon whilst in there – they seem to be keen on Annie’s burgers too.

pokemon annies

annies pokemon


After you’ve rested and recovered your strength head to Lace Market Square, which is just a stone’s throw away. The artistic metal trees which surround the square are a PokéStop and lures were dropped there on a regular basis by the New College Nottingham students during the last term. On your way to Lace Market Square you’ll most likely bump into quite a few Pidgeys in front of Debbie Bryan’s Shop, and if you step inside for a cup of tea and a slice of cake you may well be welcomed by a few of them inside too.
debbie bryan nottingham


Our next tip is to make your way round to the National Videogame Arcade where you’ll not only find Pokémon lurking around but you’ll also be able to enjoy some of the classic video games. This five-storey building houses three floors of exhibitions, event spaces and a full licensed bar. When you’re there don’t forget to ask about their exclusive Pokémon events.

videogame arcade 1 videogame arcade

Before you leave the Lace Market you may want to check Broad Street where Lee Rosy’s TeaThe Rum House and the Broadway are as we’ve noticed that the PokéStop at the Broadway Cinema gets Lure Modules set up quite often after 5pm. And, we’ve also spotted a wild Haunter and the little Vulpix on our nearby sightings list in Broadway area.

Down the road at Old Market Square it would be worth popping into Bill’s Restaurant and having a meal there while you play. We caught there, among others, a wild Hypno with 670CP, a Cloyster, and a Drowzee with 520CP. Old Market Square is also full of PokéStops and Pokémon hanging out at the Deliveroo Beach, catch them off guard while they’re basking in the summer sun!



Stop by Nottingham Castle where groups of Pokémon trainers meet. We’ve witnessed large groups of trainers around the statue of Robin Hood which is also a PokéStop. Lure Modules are set up there quite often allowing the trainers to enjoy a high number of Pokémon coming to the area. If you fancy meeting fellow trainers from all three teams then Nottingham Castle is the perfect location. The video below will show you some of the Pokémon you can catch at the Castle, and we think that wearing a Robin Hood hat will bring you extra good luck!


The Sky Mirror at the Nottingham Playhouse, just a short walk from the Nottingham Castle, is one of the city centre’s famous Gyms. You can test your skills there battling other Pokémon trainers, if you’re strong enough you can claim the Gym for your team. We’ve spotted a wide range of Pokémon in the Playhouse area from Squirtles and Charmanders to Abras and Slowbros.


Rumour has it that the Forest Recreation Ground (short hop on the tram to the Forest stop) is another perfect spot to catch great quality Pokémon. As we’re a curious bunch we decided to test it, and went with fully charged phones to see for ourselves. Looking at our maps it seemed like it would be a quiet day but as soon as we set up our lure module at the Homemade Pavilion PokéStop we spotted other trainers setting up theirs at the PokéStops nearby. We managed to catch a lot that day, some of the best ones were a 750CP Lickitung, a 640 CP Scyther and 420CP Electabuzz.

Screenshot_2016-08-16-17-37-44forest recreation ground homemade pokestop

We are still on a mission to find Pikachu, if you’ve got any information on where to find him, please let us know in the comment section below. We’d welcome to see any photos of rare Pokémon you’ve caught in Nottingham, you can share them with us via our social media channels on Twitter and Instagram using #lovenotts. Please also check out our special Pinterest album dedicated to Pokémon spotted around our beautiful county.


Posted on 19 August 2016
Featured author: Kinga

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  • I found pikachu at Bramcote hills park

    Posted by Lisa
  • Thank you for the tip! 🙂

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