The Conspiracy Season at Nottingham Playhouse


This blog is not only for my fellow theatre buffs who are on the lookout for a new play to watch, if you’re one of them – you’re welcome, but it’s also for those of you who enjoy a good play once in a while when you’re in the right mood.

Nottingham Playhouse won’t disappoint you this autumn with a new Conspiracy Season consisting of four strong titles that will make you hold on to your chair.

Conspiracy Season starts in September with a celebrated production – 1984. This highly anticipated play returns to the stage of Nottingham Playhouse after its success two years ago. In fact, the Playhouse co-produced this play with Almeida Theatre and Headlong Theatre Company which prides itself in taking risks with their work. I went to see 1984 two years ago at the Nottingham Playhouse and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, so did The Observer, The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph who gave the play five out of five stars. The play is based on the book by George Orwell and tells a story of Winston Smith and his life under governments’ regime.

The Conspiracy Season is not just about the return of the famous 1984; other titles include The Rubenstein Kiss by James Phillips, The Dutchess of Malfi by John Webster and Any Means Necessary by Kefi Chadwick. The Conspiracy Season deals with secrets and subterfuge, people rebelling against oppression and the misuse of power, and that’s exactly what all of those plays represent. The one I’m looking forward the most is The Duchess of Malfi. This play starts at the end of October and stays at the Playhouse until 14th November. It’s about the secret marriage of the Duchess to a man from a lower class, which provokes fury and results in a tragedy.  The Duchess of Malfi is a blood-soaked play and one of the most celebrated plays of the Jacobean era.

To find out more about each play or to book your tickets go to the Nottingham Playhouse website. If all of these titles sound interesting to you and you would like to add an extra value to your tickets, buy The Conspiracy Pass which will allow you to get tickets for all four shows in the season for £75 per person.

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Posted on 19 August 2015
Featured author: Kinga

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