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Today we hear from our guest blogger Elisia Denton, who recently pitted her wits against Logiclock – an escape game located in Nottingham City Centre. Did her team beat the game? Read on to find out!

Tucked away on Trinity Walk is a new leisure activity that is a must try for everybody! This activity was one of the best that I’ve participated in this year and since going I have recommended it to everybody I know. In fact, I even joined TripAdvisor afterwards just so I could review it and add another 5 star rating to over 100 that they already have, and most definitely deserve. If you’re looking for an entertaining, unique and challenging group activity then Logiclock is definitely for you. It is something different to the usual offerings for group activities and it is guaranteed to be full of giggles and very memorable.

Logiclock is a real life escape game where a team of 3-5 people are locked in a themed Pirates_in_Nottinghamspace for 60 minutes and have to use logic, attention to detail and clues to work their way through a series of rooms to escape. It is like Nottingham’s own version of Crystal Maze and can bring the competitive side of anybody out once the clock begins ticking down!

I went with two friends and on the journey there we were all a little hesitant about what we were letting ourselves in for. What if it feels claustrophobic? What if it’s scary in there? What if it’s too difficult for us? Even, what if it’s just boring? Safe to say within a minute of Livia, the owner of Logiclock, greeting us and explaining the game, all of those thoughts were happily dispelled! She was a lovely lady who patiently answered all of our questions before letting us enter the room.

I can’t go into too much detail regarding what exactly was in the room as it will spoil the surprise for those of you that haven’t been yet and I wouldn’t want to let any clues slip. However, I can say, the Pirates in Nottingham room was authentically decorated with lots of hidden treasure troves to explore and clues to discover amongst the decoys. There were also some very interesting ways to uncover codes and pass through different kinds of locks. Livia watches you the whole time that you are in the room via cameras and will give you additional hints if required. To pass through the rooms smoothly you definitely require a team with lots of different skills such as good observational skills, code-breakers, dexterity and common sense! As a team of 3 it felt like a good number as we were able to communicate well together and it wasn’t overcrowded.

Most importantly, did we escape the room… unfortunately not!! We were half way through working out the final lock code when we ran out of time but we were still very pleased with our efforts. Afterwards Livia met us from the room and she shared some of the memorable moments she had viewed on the cameras. It’s safe to say that once you are in the room everything is suddenly viewed as a potential clue leading you to try some very strange things that you find very funny afterwards

Overall we all had a fantastic time, lots of laughs and it was the perfect activity to partake with friends. I would wholeheartedly recommend this activity to friends, businesses looking for team-building exercises, visitors to the city of Nottingham and even families. Children over 9 are welcome with a parent or guardian or over 16’s unaccompanied. Get your teams together and go and give it a try – it will not disappoint! Since I attended they have also launched a second room, Made in Stein- Science Adventure, which promises equal levels of enjoyment.

To find out more and to book your visit to Logiclock, head over to their website.

Posted on 30 September 2015
Featured author: Tom

Nottingham lad who’s a proud Notts County fan, cheese fiend, chocaholic and loves travelling and music.

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