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Love Local Navigation Brewery


Today we chat to the head brewer at the Navigation Brewery, Dom Flynn. We ask him about his time at the brewery, how he came to work with beer and the range of beers Navigation Brewery produce – including finding out what his favourite tipples are!

How long have you been head brewer at Navigation Brewery?

I came on board with Navigation Brewery right back at the beginning, when the building itself was still a stable block and have been with the brewery since, building it up into what it is today. When you look at how far we’ve come in just 3 and a half years, its amazing really and its been great to have been involved in it from the start.

 How did you become a brewer?

As a student, I worked in a pub which was owned by Kelham Island Brewery and they needed someone to do the jobs no one else wanted  – digging, sweeping & general dirty work! From that position, I  then worked my up through the brewery. Once I’d finished university, because of the experience I had from working there part time, I was able to move up the ranks very quickly & progress to head brewer and it all went from there!

 What kind of beer do you produce at the Navigation Brewery?

Navigation Brewery produces a wide range of different beer – we make 6 core cask ales (real ales) with monthly seasonals, alongside our newer craft keg range which at the moment is 5 different beers, with a new one being brewed at the moment. Becuase of the investment into the brewery, we’re in a great position to produce this variety, as well as having the equipment to filter and keg our craft beers onsite. There’s sometimes a bit of division between the cask and keg beer markets but, for us, we believe in making great beer that people will enjoy drinking, whether that’s a real ale, a pilsner, or something in between.

 How many pints of beer do you produce each week?

It can vary depending time of year and the amount of orders we have coming in but generally, it’s the equivalent to around 50,000 pints a week.

 Do you have a favourite beer?

It totally depends what mood I’m in. I love the american-style IPAs which are very popular at the moment but they can be a bit strong! If I’m just enjoying a beer at home after work, I’ll usually go for something hoppy and refreshing, like our New Dawn Pale but like to try as many different breweries and varieties when possible.

What would you recommend as the perfect summer beer from the Navigation Brewery this year?

We’ve just released a new craft keg beer called Dream Catcher which is a light ginger beer and absolutely perfect for Summer. Very refreshing, relatively low alcohol content and a great combination or fiery ginger and fruity sweetness which I hope will appeal to different types of people.

What’s your favourite food to enjoy with beer?

 Ooh that’s a tough one – for me, it’s a lot like wine-pairing; different beers match the taste of different foods and can totally enhance the flavour of certain dishes. For example, pairing a nice dark stout with chocolate works incredibly well and brings out the flavour of both the food and beer. Another combination that works really well is enjoying a light citrus pale beer with fish dishes but the main thing is to play around and have a bit of fun pairing food and drink, don’t be afraid to try new beers to find a style you love.

Posted on 21 August 2015
Featured author: Erin

Australian now calling Nottingham home. Piano playing, cake making, bicycle riding lady who loves travel.

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